Safe, effective, worry-free teeth whitening

Get whiter teeth in just 10 minutes a day

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Professional-level teeth whitening at-home

The only whitener that's formulated and used by dentists. Using a clean, safe and effective formula that's tough on stains and gentle on enamel.

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  • Specially formulated

    Over the past ten years and a bunch of product tweaks, we've created the perfect, fuss-free formula to give you sparkling teeth.

  • Fast, long-lasting results

    You'll see initial results after the first application and AMAZING results after just five days.

  • No harmful toxins or testing on animals

    We're proud to offer a gel that is certified vegan and not tested on animals.

  • No sensitivity

    Our formula is proven to be the most effective way to whiten teeth without damaging the enamel.

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  • Over 100,000 smiles & counting

    Voted #1 best for fast results by

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  • Stephanie Darling - SMH Beauty Director

    Pain factor: None.

    Results: My teeth are considerably whiter!

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  • Apply the whitening gel

    Twist and go! Our easy-to-use, pre-loaded teeth whitening pens eliminate the wastage and mess associated with gel syringes. Just twist pen at the bottom until gel appears, then brush evenly onto your teeth.

  • Activate with the LED light

    Pop in your mouthguard and switch on the light. Now’s your chance to take some ‘me time’.

    Chill out with Netflix, update your dog’s Insta, or read a good ol’ fashioned book. Well, maybe just a chapter since you haven’t got long…

  • Flash your pearly whites

    After 10 minutes the light will automatically switch off. This is your cue to rinse out your mouth and admire your brighter, whiter smile!

    Repeat daily for 5 days to reveal teeth up to 12 shades whiter 😄.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit safe?

The Advanced Kit's formula was developed by Aussie dentists, is made in the USA and is 100% safe for at-home use. It's also the only formula that is trusted and used by dentists worldwide.

How long does it take to see results?

Everyone's teeth are different and there are many factors that can all impact the time taken to see results. Many of our customers achieve a noticeable difference in colour immediately after the first application! For others, it can take up to 4 weeks, so it's important to hang in there and to keep in mind that each whitening session removes years of stains. Once those stains are gone, it is incredibly easy to maintain.

What ingredients are in the gel?

Our proprietary, worry-free formula is free of harmful toxins and contains:

PEG-8, PVP, Food grade hydrogen peroxide (6%), Mentha piperita oil, Artemisia pallens flower oil, Natural Spearmint flavour, Sucralose

Can the Advanced Kit be used with veneers, caps, implants, bridges or bonded teeth?

Yes, the Advanced Kit is safe to use on healthy natural teeth as well as all man-made dental restorations, so they won’t strip or harm your bonding, veneers, porcelain crowns or other dental work.

Because veneers are a man-made material, the gel will not make the veneer whiter than its original colour, but it will help to restore it to the original colour by cleaning the surface area of stains.

If you're considering getting a crown or veneer, we recommend whitening your teeth before having the material created, so the dentist can match the new tooth to your whiter teeth and the artificial surface won't stand out if you whiten later.

Always consult a dentist for advice on your specific situation if you have any questions or concerns about your teeth specifically.