What's Included


Advance Whitening provides simple, straightforward products that give you everything you need to achieve dentist-quality teeth whitening at home.

Forget complicated options or a multitude of products; all you need to achieve your brightest, whitest teeth is all here in our Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit. While other DIY teeth whitening systems may look like they’re giving you the full at-home dentist treatment, our kit is the real deal, providing the simplest and most effective at-home teeth whitening products on the market - giving you pearly whites you’ll be proud of.

The couple’s teeth whitening kit includes everything you'll need to achieve hassle-free and instant whitening results from home and includes:

  1. Six easy-to-use teeth whitening pens with brush applicator: Our pens contain the highest levels of legally safe teeth whitening ingredients that have been specially formulated for fast-acting results. The Advanced pen makes teeth whitening easy - allowing you to apply the gel directly onto your teeth so there’s no mess or wastage - resulting in quick and effective results from the very first application.
  2. Two LED accelerator lights: The Advance Whitening LED blue spectrum light activates the whitening ingredient and accelerates the teeth whitening process. Our light produces the same blue spectrum used by dentists during professional in-clinic sessions to get the best teeth whitening results possible.
  3. Two mouthguards: Our mouthguards are provided for your comfort, to protect your gums, and covers the top and bottom teeth.
  4. Two teeth whitening shade guides: These handy guides allow you to track your teeth whitening progress and celebrate your results.
  5. Full instructions

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