This incredible tooth remineralising and desensitizing product contains the powerful combination of fluoride and calcium phosphate to create an enamel-boosting gel like no other.

Tooth enamel is the hardest and most mineralised part of the body, but it can be weakened and eroded through everyday use and, once completely eroded, it’s impossible for the body to replace. The good news is that existing enamel can be strengthened and repaired through a remineralisation process, and we offer a product that makes enamel protection easy for you.

The Advance Whitening Enamel Booster increases the micro-hardness of tooth enamel and remineralises teeth through a strong formula of fluoride and calcium phosphate. Plus the Enamel Booster also helps prevent and soothe tooth sensitivity by strengthening and sealing tooth enamel.

The Enamel Booster is beneficial for everyone to use whether you have whitened your teeth or not, so order some today!

What causes enamel erosion?

Enamel is the thin, but very hard, outer layer of the tooth. It protects the tooth from everyday use such as biting, chewing and grinding, and also insulates the tooth from painful temperatures and chemicals.

Enamel can sometimes chip and crack, and over time, can become eroded. Erosion occurs when acids strip away the enamel. This can be caused by factors such as:

  1. Diet (foods high in sugar and starch)
  2. Excessive soft drinks
  3. Fruits (especially highly acidic ones such as lemons)
  4. Dry mouth;
  5. Medications; and
  6. Gastro problems

How does the Advance Whitening Enamel Booster help?

This incredible product contains the powerful combination of fluoride and calcium phosphate.

Fluoride is the gold-standard ingredient when it comes to tooth protection as it’s clinically proven to strengthen enamel and fight bacteria, and calcium phosphate makes up about 95% of tooth enamel, so it’s important to replenish this mineral in your teeth. These two ingredients work together in our Enamel Booster to remineralise and improve the micro-hardness of tooth enamel, ensuring your teeth are not only white, but strong and healthy too.