Keeping Australian smiles pearly white

If you’ve already achieved great results from one of our teeth whitening kits, and you want to maintain the look or even bump it up a bit, you need this pen! Available at a great price, this easy to use teeth whitening applicator is the perfect way to maintain your white teeth without heading to the dentist.

Making the most of your teeth whitening pen

There are many reasons why people decide to whiten their teeth. Whether you’re a smoker, coffee or red wine drinker looking to erase staining, or simply want a more dazzling smile, this is the product for you.

If you’re looking to get results fast without purchasing one of our teeth whitening kits, consider our pen for your next special event. After everyone compliments you on your gorgeous smile, we’ll be here to provide you with our complete whitening system to ensure you achieve long-lasting results.