What's Included


Everything you need to achieve your whitest teeth ever

In each kit you’ll receive:

  1. 3 x Advance Whitening gels: Our gel has been specifically formulated and contains two active whitening ingredients to deliver the best result. Each kit will give you approximately six applications so you can boost your whitening as needed.
  2. LED accelerator light: The Advance Whitening LED blue spectrum light activates the whitening ingredient and accelerates the teeth whitening process. Our light produces the same blue spectrum used by dentists during professional in-clinic sessions to get the best teeth whitening results possible.
  3. Mouthguard: Our mouthguard is provided for your comfort, to protect your gums, and covers the top and bottom teeth.
  4. Teeth whitening shade guide: This handy guide allows you to track your teeth whitening progress and celebrate your results.
  5. Full instructions

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