Using an at-home teeth whitening kit in pursuit of the pearly whites - A user review

We recently asked one of our customers to give us an honest, no holds barred review of our teeth whitening kit. We didn’t pay them, or even buy them a coffee, we just wanted their honest opinion about using our whitening products, the effect it had on their teeth and the overall experience … this is what they had to say.

Advanced Whitening reached out to me after I contacted them through their website for more detailed information on how to actually use their home teeth whitening kit. In a gesture of good will (or as I like to joke, a gesture of good molar!) they surprised me by sending me their Advanced Whitening Teeth whitening kit to try and review.

This teeth whitening kit retails at $79 and users can expect up to 10 shades whiter in less than an hour. Having now used this teeth whitening kit, I definitely notice a healthier, whiter and brighter smile. So here’s my at-home teeth whitening kit review!

If there’s one thing I remember from my high school science class, it’s that in any experiment the researcher outlines the background information.

The Status Quo

  • I brush my teeth at least once a day (definitely once, sometimes twice depending how tired I am at night)
  • I use a manual toothbrush and I buy whatever toothpaste that has a whitening ingredient that is on special
  • I drink three cups of black coffee a day and I’m reluctant to put down in writing how many glasses of wine. Let’s just say, I also drink red wine. I know that drinking coffee and wine, as well as smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco are known to cause discolouration, yellowing or staining of teeth, and my teeth would probably be whiter if I wasn’t such a wino.
  • I maintain good dental hygiene (I go for check-ups), but my teeth are in need of sparkle and shine – a lustre restore!
  • I have used at-home whitening kit before that I bought on a daily deal website but it only worked on light stains and the results only lasted for about two weeks

So this is how it went down

I was like a kid at Christmas, as I opened the teeth whitening kit. The instructions recommend whitening your teeth at night after dinner, so I put down my glass of wine … err water… and got my kit ready for some teeth whitening action.

The instructions are really simple to follow, even after a glass of… water.

The first step was to put the mouth guard in hot water to sanitise it (no germs on me), then you place the mouth guard on the end of the LED light once it’s dry.

Two things to note about this LED light:

  1. When I saw the LED light I knew that this was a professional whitening product. Most in-chair services or cosmetic dentist treatments will use a blue spectrum or LED light to activate the main ingredient to accelerate the whitening process. Those treatments all cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. The fact that this kit comes with a LED light already assured me I was getting a dental chair whitening treatment but without that expensive price tag.
  2. As you can see from my photo – it’s a blue LED light – that’s so exciting for my mouth! It’s like it’s having it’s very own disco.

The next step was to brush the whitening gel onto your teeth (which is really easy-to- use), turn on the LED light and leave it in your mouth for about 10 minutes.

I know from their website that their teeth whitening gel has the strongest active ingredient allowed under Australian regulations. The pens contain 6% hydrogen peroxide, which is the Australian legally safe limit – any extra and you need to go to the dentist (and fork out a mouth full more!)

The mouthguard is really comfortable to wear, and you can go about your night while the treatment is working.

The LED turned off automatically after 10 minutes which worked for me because I forgot to set a timer. The last step was to rinse my mouth out with water and then repeat the whole process.

The next morning I definitely noticed an instant result – people at work even remarked that there was something extra about me. It’s because I felt a lot more confident because my teeth were whiter. I didn’t walk into work today, I sashayed.

It’s now been two days since I used the teeth whitening kit, and I’m really happy with the results. The teeth whitening kit includes a shade guide and I can see that my teeth are several shades brighter.


I’ll be able to buy a replacement whitening pen separately once all my gel has run out (Advanced Whitening recommend repeating the process weekly until you’ve reached your desired results), which means I’ll save money by not having to buy the whole kit again. The LED light takes batteries, so I can replace them as well once they’ve run out.

All in all, I am absolutely rapt with the results – for the first time in AGESSSS I am rocking red lipstick because it actually looks good with my new whiter brighter teeth. Whiter teeth? Sounds like I need a glass of wine to celebrate…

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