Teeth whitening review - direct from a beauty expert

Even though we get heaps of positive reviews from our customers every week, it is always a bit nervous-racking when we send our Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit out to a professional beauty expert for an honest review.

That's why we were thrilled to receive this review from Beauty with Bec when we sent her a kit to try. Not only did she give us a glowing teeth whitening review, but the before and after pictures speak for themselves. Bec's teeth really weren't that bad to begin with, but the Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit has really given them a lift with extra whiteness and a clean, fresh feel.

Teeth whitening can be a bit tricky because the results depend on the state of your teeth to begin with, the food you eat, the amount of wine and coffee you drink, and also just the natural whiteness of your teeth. So the results really do vary from person to person. But hey, Bec's results look great and so do heaps of the other happy customer reviews we receive.

Thanks Bec, from the Advanced Whitening team.

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