Style Magazine Review

We've sent our Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit to Style Mag's beauty connoisseur Dinushka Gunasekara for an honest review - here is a quick summary of the results:

When I first opened the compact kit, a swatch of colours sat on top for me to compare my teeth to. On the scale of 1-15 (1 being pearly white and 15 being SOS), Iā€™d say my teeth before treatment were a solid 7 ā€“ there was definitely room for improvement.

My teeth have climbed up the ladder to be a 4 on the scale and that means big smiles over here.

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Our commitment to leading-edge whitening technology involves rigorous testing protocols and meticulous evaluation from start to finish.

Whitening innovation

We continuously explore advanced whitening methodologies, scrutinising key components such as formulation, application process, and effectiveness. Our process is developed in consultation with leading dentists, ensuring their expertise is woven into every step.

Dentist-approved testing

Our whitening process undergoes comprehensive testing at accredited laboratories globally, including Australia. The collaboration with dentists sets our testing apart, assuring a level of expertise beyond conventional accreditation.

Premium standards

Our whitening products, renowned for achieving superior results, feature gels made in the US with the highest standards. Produced in state-of-the-art ISO-certified facilities.