Teeth Whitening in Australia

Teeth whitening has become a huge phenomenon in Australia, in the last recent years.

We've put together a list of cosmetic teeth whitening providers in major Australian cities. We've included some dentists, dental labs, teeth whitening specialists and at-home services. We at Advance Whitening offer same day dispatch and free express shipping for orders over $100, meaning minimal wait times!

You'll find a range of teeth whitening providers in:

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Geelong
  • Gold Coast
  • Joondalup
  • Melbourne
  • Newcastle
  • Penrith
  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Townsville

Which one should I choose?
As with most cosmetic dentistry treatments, the price for getting a brighter smile varies depending on the option you choose.

On the cheap side - On the less-expensive end of the scale are the toothpastes and mouth washes. While they require daily use, take longer to work than most of the other options, and don’t provide dramatic results, they are budget friendly - typically costing less than $10 each.

Note however, dentists do warn they can be abrasive on teeth enamel and the overall costs to achieve even minimal results end up being fairly similar to OTC (over the counter) kits due to the fact that you have to use the whitening pastes or mouth rinses every day. Some pens and gels with lower-intensity bleach (or no peroxide) can cost a fraction of what in-office whitening will cost, although expectations of the results should be adjusted accordingly.

Affordable - Most people want to get a brighter smile in a short amount of time, which leads them to opt for faster acting products with more powerful ingredients. These options tend to be a bit more expensive than the cheapest alternatives, but provide more significant results and require less time to work.

Teeth whitening gel kits and packs of strips can cost anywhere from $30 to a few hundred depending on the strength of the active ingredients, the brand and where it’s being sold.

Advance Whitening provides Australia's highest legal formula to achieve the very best results. 

Pricey - The most expensive approach is to go for in office bleaching, often at a dentist's office but sometimes beauty salons or pure teeth whitening providers. Some dentists offer a teeth whitening kit for home use.

In-office treatments at the dentist typically cost more than $500, sometimes even over $1000, but the price varies depending on which dental clinic you choose. While slightly less expensive than in-office treatments, take-home kits dispensed by a dental clinic can still cost several hundred dollars.

Our commitment to leading-edge whitening technology involves rigorous testing protocols and meticulous evaluation from start to finish.

Whitening innovation

We continuously explore advanced whitening methodologies, scrutinising key components such as formulation, application process, and effectiveness. Our process is developed in consultation with leading dentists, ensuring their expertise is woven into every step.

Dentist-approved testing

Our whitening process undergoes comprehensive testing at accredited laboratories globally, including Australia. The collaboration with dentists sets our testing apart, assuring a level of expertise beyond conventional accreditation.

Premium standards

Our whitening products, renowned for achieving superior results, feature gels made in the US with the highest standards. Produced in state-of-the-art ISO-certified facilities.